Southern Palms CEA dressage Challenge June 4, 2017  

Wow! What an amazing CEA DRESSAGE CHALLENGE 2017, supported by Southern Palms. Everything ran so well! Everyone pulled together and made this happen. What a super group of very enthusiastic officials, riders, parents, sponsors horses etc etc. just makes me smile. Thanks to all of you for all of your kindness and endless hours of work. It paid off. 
Our judge, Sarah, as you heard at the prize giving, is very impressed. With the level or our, horses, riders, organization, professionalism and our facilities. What more could we ask for? 
Our two letter A officials were a hit! Well done girls. We love you! Always had a friendly smile on your faces also. Thanks so much.
Alex, you are a fantastic warm up arena steward. Keep up the good work. And as usual, always with a big smile. Thanks so much!
Zak, your special touches on the test sheets and the riders and officials packs! Wow! You even put PINK! Super Job. Both you and Stacey work many hours leading up to the show and then all day at it. And Zak, your sense of humor as announcer makes the day so much fun.  Thanks also for collecting Sarah on her late flight last night and taking her to dinner! Thanks so much.
Lisa, what a fantastic job on the program and the flyer! I think everyone was blown away by it. And the fridge magnets and welcome note that all matched. Not to mention the front cover of the judges itinerary. Thank so much!
Tammy, thanks for doing so much of the paper work and letters to our sponsors and sorting the tents etc. always willing and always with a big smile on your face. Congrats today on my big boy! 
Gina and Jamie, once again a super job on the judges itinerary. Always done so perfect. It's a keep sake in itself. Thanks so much!
Jamie, fantastic job on the awards! Wow! Amazing. Everyone loves them. BUT...
You need to make one more please! Tammy and Kenzie were tied! 
Thanks also for doing the personalized gift for Sarah. She loves it! 
Thanks once again for donating a beautiful shirt for our judges gift. What would we do without you? 
Allison, how can we ever thank you for all of the hours you put into being our scribe? And always with a smile and always so humble. You are an incredible person. Giving of your time. Thanks so much.
Annmarie  and Harry, your job is one that I would be terrible at! I don't know how you do it and so willingly come to help. So sorry I did not get a chance to thank you both in person. Thanks once again for coming out to be our calculators. 
Niska, I know I pretty much made you jump in the deep end of the pool, but boy can you swim! Perfect job as secretary today. Thanks so so much. And for taking the time yesterday with Angelique to learn all about CEA rules etc. 
Angelique, what would we do without you. So sorry that you were not here with us today, but boy did you get us all set up and organized! Thanks so much for always taking the time to jump into action. For getting the beautiful Southern Palms ribbons done so fast for us. For sorting all of the officials documents etc. you are truly an Angel! Thanks so so much.
Gina, once again, an amazing welcome basket. I had an email from Sarah last night saying how wonderful it was. And for packaging and getting the beautiful thank you gift. Always perfect. Thanks so much.
To the entire dressage committee! I know, I know....I go a bit over the top with getting things exactly perfect! But, I think we really work so well as a team working for excellence. Don't worry about the ones who think we go overboard! It's all worth it when you watch the faces of the little riders collecting their special awards and ribbons. Makes the job well worth it. 
Sandra and Angelique, thanks so much for helping get the starting order done
 This is never an easy job. But you both do it with joy! Thanks to Zak for making the last minute changes last night! 
To Lisa and her team who ran the bar and food table! Amazing job! Cup cakes were so good that I bought two trays of them! I loved your little signs! Thanks to all of you. 
To all of our fantastic sponsors. Wow! We could not have done this without any of you.  Southern Palms, Carter's, Chefette, BRC, MQI, Sunburry Plantatin, Wine World! ELLCO Rentals, Let's make next year even better! 
To all of the riders, horses, trainers, grooms, owners, husbands, wives etc etc. hope you all had as much fun as I did! Di, Sara, Sandra, Akoele, always wonderful to have such a great team of trainers working together. 
Trisha, thanks so much for doing the important job of collecting our judge this morning! 
Britta, our very special sponsor! Thanks so much for coming to support us all day and staying until the very end to give out all of the awards. We are already looking forward to our Southern Palms CEA dressage challenge 2018! Always fun to have things to work towards! Thanks so so much! 
Natasha, thanks for doing all of our accounting! You know how terrible I am at that side of the job. Thanks for getting the funds together for our judge today. And always with a smile also! 
To Monique, Zoe and Laura, so sorry you did not get to compete. I know you have all been working so hard towards this show and we were looking forward to your high scores. Thanks to all three of you for your support today. 
Now looking forward to a successful clinic tomorrow. 
And.......exciting news! 
Working towards our first combined training show the first weekend in July! 
Day one is at Congo Road on July 1st. We have a BIG and exciting challenge! 
Seeing that we had to cancel our CI 1* test today, we have special CEA ribbons and an award for the winner of that class! So get cracking on that test ladies! Come out and try to win that award and the beautiful pink ribbons! 
News on the July 1st and 2nd show will be coming out soon. 
For now, I just want to say thanks again to everyone! Well done.
Love Berts