President : Mrs. Monique Archer -
Vice-President : Mrs. Alison Elliott -
Secretary : Mrs. Angelique Edwards -
Treasurer : Mrs. Natasha Haloute - ​​​
Dressage Chairperson : Mrs. Roberta Foster - 
 Jumping Chairperson : Mrs. Di Clarke -
Show Coordinator Jumping:Mr.. Joss Gray -

Show Coordinator Dressage: Mr. Zak Stuart -
Public Relations Officer #1 : Dr. Laura Smith - 
Public Relations Officer #2 : Ms. Sara Jones -
Riders Representative : Mrs. Adriana Watson -

The Barbados Equestrian Association (BEA) abides by their motto:-
“We exist to build encourage, and advance the continuing development and progress of equestrian sports in Barbados”
There are approximately 110 active members consisting of competitive riders of all ages, family members, non-competitive members and honorary members who support and keep up to date with the association.

The BEA is governed by and executive committee comprised of members of the association who are nominated and voted into their specific positions by the members.  The positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer all carry a term of two years while the positions of Jumping Chairperson, Dressage Chairperson, Public Relations Officer, Riders Representative and Show Coordinators serve for a term of one year.

Mrs Monique Archer is the Association’s President having been elected in November 2013 to, Mrs Alison Elliot is the Vice-President.  Mrs Angelique Edwards, fills the hard working role of Secretary and Mrs Natasha Haloute is the much valued Treasurer yet again.  These officers are now starting their 2 year term.  Mrs. Di Clarke is the Barbados National Coach (Jumping). 

The Barbados Equestrian Association was formed in the 1970’s and was governed by its first President, Sir Denys William.  Prior to this, the Barbados Show Jumping Federation (BSF) was formed in the 1960’s and along with the B’dos Polo Club and the B’dos Turf Club were the clubs representing the horse would in Barbados.  After the demise of the BSF, the BEA was formed and came to the forefront of equestrian sports in Barbados.  

In 1992 Dressage was officially amalgamated into the Association under the guidance of the first ever Dressage Chairperson, Mrs Elisabeth Roachford.  

in 1994 the BEA became affliated with the Federation Equestre International (FEI),  the international governing body for equestrian sport and continues to take part inboth their FEI World Dressage Challenge and FEI World Jumping Challenge annually since 1995.  

In 1995 Barbados was represented abroad for the first time ever in equestrian sports as they sent a rider to the Pam American Games to compete in Show Jumping.  

The BEA is a member of the Caribbean Equestrian Association (CEA) which was formed in 1998.  In 2002 the Barbados flag was raised in Hagen, Germany for the first time as we won individual solver in the FEI World Dressage Challenge Finals.  

In 2003 Barbados was represented at the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo where the Bajan Dressage team finished 8th out of 19 countries.  

In 2006 A Dressage team represented Barbados at the Central American and Caribbean Games ( the CACs) in Colombia.

In 2010 Barbados was represented at the CAC games in Puerto Rico in Dressage 

About Us 


  • Roberta Foster - Acting Dressage Chairperson
  • Tammy-Ann Pinto - Dressage Secretary 
  • Alex Hole
  • Emily Kinch
  • Gina Hunte
  • Zak Stuart 


  • Di Clarke - Jumping Chairperson
  • Laura Smith - Jumping Secretary 
  • Monique Archer
  • Sara Jones
  • Sandra Sampson
  • Gillian Sampson 
  • Joss Gray
  • ​Natasha Haloute


  • Joss Gray- Eventing Chairperson
  • Tristan Blades- Eventing Secretary
  • Monique Archer
  • Laura Smith
  • Di Clarke


  • Alison Elliot - Dressage Expert
  • Joss gray - Eventing Expert


  • Laura Smith - head of committee -
  • Roberta Foster 
  • Monique Archer


  • Angelique Edwards  &  Monique Archer of Whitehall Equestrian Center - head of committee -
  • Kerstin “Akoele” Roachford-Shorey & Jahtara Roachford-Hinds  of Cleland Equestrian Facility
  • Fiona Kinch & Emily Kinch of Yorkshire Stables 
  • Roberta Foster &  Gina Hunte of Congo Road Equestrian Centre 
  • Di Clarke &  Sara Jones of Big C Stables
  • Sandra Sampson of Sandy Turf Stables
  • Alison Elliot - Dressage grounds judge
  • Allison Cox- Jumping grounds judge


  • Tristan Cass Blades - head of committee -
  • Monique Archer
  • Roberta Foster 
  • Di Clarke